In a recent agreement, AGS and OLG will begin offering their casino games online.

This week, American Gaming Systems (AGS) and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) announced the debut of their new online casino games relationship. The arrival of this product on the market has been eagerly awaited.

The collaboration between OLG and AGS will debut as a combined effort. The goal of the cooperation is to attract Canadians who play for real money.


Speak Up, OLG and AGS Representees

The heightened experience that OLG has, according to Chief Digital and Strategy Officer Dave Pridmore. will tremendously benefit the platform’s players. According to Pridmore, the company’s goal is to give Canadians who play at OLGs a wide variety of options and quick, simple access to the most modern and exciting casino games available anywhere online. He went on to express faith in AGS’s ability to assist his company in fulfilling its obligations.


Mr. Pridmore believes that the addition of additional providers like AGS to the Ontario jurisdiction will assist to improve the offerings accessible to players, and he cites the OLG’s larger plan as confirmation of this. According to him, the people of Ontario will gain greatly from these initiatives since they will keep more money within the province. He believes that his company’s commitment to social reinvestment gives it an edge in the marketplace.


Executive Vice President Matt Reback of AGS expressed his company’s enthusiasm for collaborating with OLG on its first venture into the Canadian market. He continued by saying that in the following months, more online casino games would be made available through OLG’s Canadian website.


Increased Activity in Canada

With this new online casino games arrangement, AGS will have a much larger footprint in Canada. This follows on the heels of our previous joint launch with Loto-Quebec earlier this month. As part of this deal, AGS will launch Golden Wins, a PowerXStream game with an Asian theme. The OLG site (operated by the Crown entity) is where you can play this game.


Players at OLG’s online casino can look forward to more intriguing games from AGS after the launch of Golden Wins. Capital Gains, Vegas Stacks, and Bonanza Blast are just a few examples of such games.


The National Hockey League is AGS’s most recent major partner. As a result of this agreement, AGS will have the exclusive right to create slot games in both Canada and the United States that feature licensed NHL content.


With the impending official law across Canada, the agreement between OLG and AGS has set the groundwork for mutually beneficial growth strategies.

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